Fogatas Miami

We take grilling Seriously



La Fogata Charcoal’s Latin Grill combines Central and South American flavors and unites the rich and flavorful style of Miami’s unique melting pot of international cultures. For over 20 years we have personally chopped the cilantro, diced the onions, cleaned and marinated our meat and made our unique sauces fresh daily.

Our history begins in Nicaragua, that is where our founders became infatuated the idea of bringing the Nicaraguan style of marinating and charcoal grilling to Miami. He believed that the Latin Influence in South Florida would play a major factor in the potential success.

Our specialty is the mouthwatering Churrasco steak topped with delicious and unique chimichurri and a side of Gallo Pinto (mixed rice and beans).

All of our menu selections are made to order with fresh and premium quality ingredients. We are a family restaurant with a passion for grilling, reasonably affordable and dedicated to provide with our greatest service.

Miami is home to all different cultures and backgrounds, something that La Fogata Latin Grill embraces, so we invite you to come and share our delicious experience.




We take grilling seriously
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